Elegant house designed and built under the living architrecture concept.


Custom Homes Inspired
by Natural Elements

The Living Architecture Concept Brings the Outside In.

Every aspect of El Paredón is meant to harmonize with the natural environment. Clean, modern lines harmoniously juxtapose with natural elements for astounding home interior design. Actual water-worn boulders serve as backsplashes and are paired with crisp stainless steel appliances. Lofty ceilings embrace the natural environment as they open up to living trees, welcoming natural light indoors. These designer homes are infused with amazing details like floor-to-ceiling windows and entire walls made of glass, creating a seamless connection between indoors and outdoors. El Paredón’s unique homes also feature expansive sunning areas with infinity edge pools than blend into the ocean horizon and are shaded by the surrounding trees and covered palapas. Each home is literally constructed around the property’s trees and boulders – giving new meaning to natural luxury and the “living architecture” concept.

While the home's exteriors are awash in neutral tones, the interiors are inspired by the warm palette of the Mexican landscape and rustic hues of deep words, saturated colors like burnt orange, lime green, and cayenne red are further complemented by the area’s surrounding natural setting. Brightly hued sunsets and sunrises provide an enriched sense of color that bathes all of El Paredón in its resplendent glow.